hi, most of you know me as zerw,hd,djenkoff whatever.
I'm a random person on the internet from bulgaria.

about me



i don't really know any programming langs lmao.
i know a lil bit of HTML and CSS. i'd say i'm a linux enthusiast but i mostly break my install lol.


ssh pub key: curl https://zerw.xyz/ssh | gpg
gpg pub key: curl https://zerw.xyz/hd.asc | gpg
onion site


if you want to you can donate to me using monero or bitcoin(which you shouldn't)
Monero: zerw.xyz (OpenAlias) or 49CtRQLQDoxcHSFxueXHHCQo2HzC92JGZBQNJgAe2RVMEaqRPBUP2ejdYy8ctMWksmF4PdWNHHmf3EHbDnH9iahCLhCi79U
Bitcoin: zerw.xyz(OpenAlias) or bc1qvvgmj2krczwqttpz9hs0cvjt7d5nufsyzc74fx

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Any donations will be greatly appreciated!

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