hd's garbage can

sup, i'm hristo 👋


i'm from bulgaria and i like to do computer stuff lol, mainly linux ig.
i like headphones, using old laptops, flashing phones and doing random stuff with tech i find.
this site was made on a 1920x1080 monitor and i have no idea if it looks good on mobile

current tech 🔌

💻: hp elitebook 8560p
📱: xiaomi redmi note 10 running a custom rom
⌨️: hyperx alloy fps pro
🎧: over-ear: audio-technica ath-m40x // iems: CCA-CRA

hobbies 🎧

i have a lot of hobbies but my main ones are headphones, mechanical keyboard, music, computers
and collecting lighters even tho i don't really do it anymore.
i also really like watching movies. some of my most favs are american psycho, fight club, call me by your name, friday, mid90s, whiplash and spree


hotline webring
retronaut webring

last song i listened to🎵